Our Banana test clearly reveals Wartie’s pin-pointed accuracy compared to other brands.

Ex vivo laboratory testing has shown that Wartie has a superior freezing profile to other available over-thecounter products. Its freezing profile is comparable to products used by professionals to remove warts.

Ex vivo laboratory testing


 Unique precision applicator

Wartie precisely freezes the wart by applying the cold via a metal tip. The dome shape of the metal tip allows precise application of the cold to the wart. Stronger application pressure will increase the contact area on the wart with the metal, suitable for the treatment of a large wart. Conversely, light pressure will allow consumers to freeze small warts. Other over-thecounter products do not allow this control of the freeze sizes and may even cause damage to surrounding skin due to direct contact of the gas to the skin caused by a
one-size-fits-all application.



Revolutionary ease of use

Wartie has been designed to be easy to use. Wartie does not require assembly of small pieces and is ready to use right out of the pack. This easy handling has made Wartie almost twice as fast in use as some other over-the-counter brands. Wartie neither involves multiple applications on the same site in one session; a procedure required by some products that will be very uncomfortable to perform due to the pain experienced.


Wartie - Ingredients

INCI Wartie Wart and Verruca remover: Dimethyl Ether
(DME). No direct contact of gas to skin.

Thermal imagery clearly reveals that Wartie delivers the correct temperature
to only the wart and not to the surrounding skin compared to other brands.