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Wartie precisely freezes the wart or verruca to the core, due to its unique precision tip, resulting in the removal of the wart. The shape of the Wartie precision metal tip allows accurate application limited to the wart or plantar wart (verruca), avoiding the surrounding healthy skin, resulting in a more pain-free application.

Dimethyl Ether (DME), a gas which, when released, cools the metal tip of Wartie. 

Wartie Wart & Verruca remover is safe for children aged 4+

Wartie Advanced is suitable for children aged 12+.

Because Wartie delivers the cold through a precision metal tip, the freezing power can be controlled by the amount of pressure exerted on the can during application: More pressure means that a greater part of the metal tip touches the skin, resulting in a larger freezing area. With light pressure, the contact is minimized, thereby being able to treat smaller warts and verrucas with the same precision, comfort and safety.

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