Wartie Liquid

  • Easy to use wart & verruca liquid remover
  • With 18 plasters to protect
  • Suitable for children from the age of 4+

Pain-free and fast treatment

Effective and safer mixture of ingredients
Wartie® Liquid formula is based on a mixture of well-known acids used in the treatment of warts and verrucas. 


Wartie® Liquid formula works with double action: 

  1. Exfoliating the top layers that form the callus of the wart or verruca. This softens the hard skin thereby allowing removal of the wart or verruca. (Active ingredient: Glycolic Acid)
  2. Deep peeling of the tissue that forms the wart or verruca (Active ingredient: TCA).


Fast & Precise application
Wartie® Liquid dries in approximately 30 seconds, helping to avoid blemishes and irritation. Its very precise application prevents damage to surrounding healthy skin.


Transparent Plasters to protect
Wartie® Liquid contains plasters to cover the area after application. The plasters allow longer exposure to the active ingredients. Furthermore, the plasters function as a protective layer to help keep the area clean, protect from touching, hide the wart to avoid embarrassment and to reduce the chance of transmission of the wart virus to others.


How to use Wartie® Liquid?

Wash affected area with warm water and soap. Make sure the skin is dry before application.

Use suitable flat surface (such as a bathroom sink) to place the Wartie® Liquid bottle on to avoid accidental spillage.




  • 1. Using the Wartie® Liquid applicator, carefully apply a thin coating of liquid to the wart. Be careful not to apply the liquid to the healthy skin surrounding the wart. If this happens, wipe the access liquid away with a tissue, or if necessary wash the area with water and soap. Then reapply the product carefully. Wait for the liquid to dry (approx. 30 sec.).
  • 2. Once the application area is completely dry, apply a plaster to the wart. Leave the plaster in place for at least 4 hours or until it comes off. If the plaster is still on the wart after 24 hours, carefully remove the plaster and wash the area with warm water and soap.
  • 3. Apply the product twice a week as described above until the wart is gone.

Most frequent questions

  1. Place the bottle firmly on a flat surface and unscrew the cap.
  2. Carefully lift the applicator from the bottle
  3. Apply the liquid on the wart and allow to dry approx. 30 seconds.
  4. Place a transparent plaster over the wart (leave min. 4 hours).

Wartie precisely freezes the wart or verruca to the core, due to its unique precision tip, resulting in the removal of the wart. The shape of the Wartie precision metal tip allows accurate application limited to the wart or plantar wart (verruca), avoiding the surrounding healthy skin, resulting in a more pain-free application.

Wartie Wart & Verruca remover is safe for children aged 4+

Wartie Advanced is suitable for children aged 12+.

Because Wartie delivers the cold through a precision metal tip, the freezing power can be controlled by the amount of pressure exerted on the can during application: More pressure means that a greater part of the metal tip touches the skin, resulting in a larger freezing area. With light pressure, the contact is minimized, thereby being able to treat smaller warts and verrucas with the same precision, comfort and safety.

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