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Effective wart & verruca remover

  • As fast as one application
  • Precision tip for easy application & no harm to surrounding skin
  • Superior freezing performance

About warts and treatment

what are warts

What are warts?

A wart is a small growth on a person’s hands or feet. It looks like a solid blister or a small cauliflower growth. They have a rough texture. Warts are often skin-coloured and feel rough, but they also can be dark, brown or gray-black, flat, warty and smooth. Warts can have a hard ‘warty’ or ‘verrucous’ surface.

Wart treatment children

If you must treat warts choose something safe, easy and painless, at least at first. Wartie Wart & Plantar Wart remover is suitable for children aged 4+. Wartie Freeze Plus is suitable for children aged 12+.